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One for the books

I’ve got all this stuff in my head to write about, but I’m too tired to get it down.  Maybe I’ll get something more eloquent done in the next few days.  For now, I’m just going to say it isn’t easy being without the one you love. I’m ready for Robyn to be back home.  Yes, a large portion of that is because the kids have worn me down, but mostly because I miss my best friend.

Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to get in the car and all go to the same school together everyday instead of each of us going our separate ways, or having to travel regularly for work.  Its a good life and its made our family strong.  I’ll admit that there were moments this weekend, when I wished I was the one traveling, but i can honestly say it was 87.39% good this weekend.  I’ve got some good kids.

So mommy, hurry home so we can have the team back together.  In the meantime, here’s a few pics of our adventures from the weekend of dad that was full of all kinds of firsts.





























Ok, one story. I feel I should explain the tissue for the non-Ghanaians. They sell them on the street at the traffic lights.  Most people have them on their dashboard. Since we didn’t, we were constantly targeted by the guys selling them.  They just couldn’t understand why we didn’t want them.  This, for four years. This weekend though, stop at the light, the guy walked up, I shook my head and he backed away, as usual.  Then he turned his attention to the kids in the back seat.  He was making them laugh and trying to talk them into talking me into buying the tissue.  We all had a good laugh with this, him included and we decided the alternative, good natured sales tactic deserved a reward. So now we have tissue on our dash. Though I’m really not sure why.

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