Las Quatro Harwoods

Just Giving Thanks

Sometimes I just sit and stare at my kids and wonder.
I wonder what’s going through those little brains.
What they think about this life we’re living together.
I wonder if I’m doing a good job.
And I wonder what they’ll remember from these adventures.
Other times I just sit and watch them and I’m filled with love.  They can be infuriating, relentless and reckless (one of them, who will remain anonymous, just dumped their lemonade on their feet on the airplane) But they’re kids.  That’s their job, right?
So as we wrap up this amazing vacation and once again pass the hours watching movies and slipping in and out of naps sitting straight up, I have to pause to say my own little thanks to these little guys.
Thanks for making me crazy.
Thanks for making me laugh.
Thanks for making my heart grow bigger everyday.
Thanks for making me make myself a better person.
And of course, thanks to the beautiful woman who helps keep me sane and moving forward.
Helps me see that the waves will come and go, just like the lemonade spills, and that we are all a part of one big ocean.
Helps me remember to keep paddling and gives me that little push every now and then to get in and enjoy the ride.
One Love.
And of course, here’s a big ol pile of pictures from our Prague adventures.
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