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Josie’s Journal

In an attempt to get her mind off her turbulent tummy, I asked Josie to help me with a guest post this time.  Life has been good and busy and I’ve often thought to sit and write, even started once or twice, but…

Anyway. Here are some thoughts from Josie.

Lately, I went to school and I had a lot of fun at math. After math we had snack and at lunch time I had cafeteria food for the second time. The first time I had it, it was yummy! (this is the only i kid i’ve ever met who got legitimately excited about her first day of homework and her first school lunch) It was chicken and pasta. The second time it was a hamburger and it was kind of like an omelet with beans on the side and I had yogurt that I ate with a popsicle stick. My friends and I talked about how animals are getting extinct and hurt while we ate. We talked about lions. In a video we watched it said that in twenty years you won’t see lions. We also saw a picture of a turtle getting caught in a net. I can, when I grow up, I will be a turtle saver or work for GreenPeace.  We also talked about how to keep our dogs safe.

Karate was pretty hot because of that Karate outfit. (she just started karate in her after school session this quarter) Volleyball (some sort of beachball volleyball after school as well) was good because we had matches.

I like going to Mmofra because I like the sausage on the stick and because we can play and because I saw my friend there. I play on the swinging bridge and try to get back and forth. The swings are fun too. They are a circle of wood, like if you cut down a tree inside there is a circle, and you can get on it. The circle is tied to a rope that hangs from a tree.

I’m excited about getting better. My tummy isn’t feeling good and I really don’t like it. (i don’t like it either. its tough when your little ones don’t feel good)

One Love

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