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Another year has passed and I’ve grown older and of course wiser. Some days I feel those years more than others. On Sunday afternoons, I feel it in  my shoulders thanks to our morning surf. On Wednesday’s its in my knees and legs thanks to Tuesday soccer. (LIFA for life) The rest of the week though, I feel it mostly in my ever growing and thankful heart. I’m surrounded by these three amazing people everyday that amaze, frustrate, tickle, and inspire me.

Maddox is finding his independence and tackling responsibility as he’s successfully negotiated a chore list to earn himself a weekly allowance. He’s quite certain that his 10 Cedi a week will eventually add up to an Xbox. I guess in theory it would eventually. (here’s a link to a converter if you want to figure out how long it would take) He’s taken a leadership roll on the soccer field, which couldn’t make me prouder. He’s constantly patting his teammates on the back, and shaking hands after practice or a match without being asked to do so. Its my favorite thing to watch him do on the field. And then there’s Hot Cross Buns. I thought we had some time before we would encounter this challenge. The recorder is the instrument of the year for fourth grade at Lincoln, but he’s found one in the house and decided to learn to play a bit early. I don’t want to discourage my kids from learning instruments, but the recorder? Sheesh. First thing in the morning. Its teaching me patience.

Josie continues to find her own way too. Her imagination runs free as the wind. She could play on her own for hours on end. It is fun to watch her drift into her own little world. She and her friends at school are determined to “save the animals” these days. They’ve made posters for campus and have recently begun to plan a letter for the president of Ghana. They have a connection through a parent, so we’ll see where that goes. She’s full of deep thoughts and insight, that one. Today she explained the tangled web of people and animals and how the needs of each effects the needs of the other to me in the car. I was impressed. She’s also taken to learning songs and singing with me when I play guitar. It used to be a little on my own time when I played, but I can’t really tell her no. Especially when she tells me I should be a singer because I’m so good. (i fully appreciate the ego boost but sometimes wonder if she’s just buttering me up)

Update: Shortly after posting I was reminded of Josie’s quest for independence as well as she informed me I was ruining her fun on her bike ride. You see she wants to ride alone at full speed down the dirt road with giant ruts, rocks and various other shrapnel hidden by the tall grass without us staying close to her. Perfectly reasonable for her age right? Oh, but she’s still on training wheels and needs a regular push to get up that hill… 

The two of them are becoming little reading machines as well. We disappeared our iPads a few weeks ago and they’ve just kind of shrugged it off and spend a good bit of their weekends just playing or reading now. Its pretty amazing. I wish we’d done it long ago.

Robyn and I are doing our own growing as well. She’s got her daily yoga practice and she’s eyeing completing her full certification somewhere down the road. Its rubbed off on me a bit and I’m trying to get in some yoga at least four or five days a week too. I’ve got some new work opportunities coming up that I’m excited about. Nothing official yet, but things in the works.  I’d say our most important growth these days comes from the kids though. When we let them, they really can teach us a lot.

I reckon that will do it for today. We’re getting mighty close to the end of another school year. Just two more months and we’ll wrap up our fourth year in Ghana. Time flies when you’re having fun.

One Love.

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One thought on “Growing

  1. Ah the recorder! Instrument of torture even when they can play it correctly. Obviously invented by a sadist – I feel your pain. And mock your pain. In equal measure…

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