Las Quatro Harwoods

One of those days

Not all days are created equal. Today was one for the books.

It started with my girl asking why she woke up in her own bed. Seems she actually slept there for the entire night instead of crawling into the pallet we’ve put next to our bed. (the dog quite disagrees by the way and insists that it was put there at her request) She then snuggled in next to me for a bit before we headed down stairs together for a little creative play time before breakfast.

Coffee, tasty breakfast and an hour or so later and my boy and I rolled out for a morning surf. We attempted another classic album for the road (pearl jam ten was a hit a few weeks ago) but Nirvana didn’t make the cut. The resulting quiet of the car led to some beautiful trips down memory lane and a tour through the world of what if.

Joshua’s Point was happy to see us and rolled out some of its best waves we’ve seen. (for clarity that means just big enough to be exciting but not scary to someone like me)  These mornings in the water with my boy are consistently some of my favorite moments of the week. My heart almost exploded today as I looked down the line to see my boy’s big beautiful smile and hear him hooting for me as we glided toward the shore on a perfect party wave. No camera needed. That’s an image I’ll never forget. Once our arms gave out from paddling, we took our time walking back and hanging around before loading up the car and heading back to the house. There’s something special in time just spent together doing nothing. Sitting with an almost cold drink and watching the world go by.

The afternoon granted us a nap, some pick up sticks and dominoes with my kids and a massage before heading out for a date night with my lady. Inevitably dinner conversation revolves around our kids and drifts somewhere into our future. There’s a whole world of opportunity out there that’s fun to think about from time to time. Most of all though, again, it’s nice just to be together and have some time to talk.

And there you have the first day of spring break. I swear to goodness I feel like I could be told I have to go back to work tomorrow and I’d be ok.  My bucket was overflowing by lunchtime today. It was a perfect reset from a busy week. 

We’ve got a stack of adventure waiting for us this week. I can’t think of three other people I’d rather ride off into the sunset with. 

One love.

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