Las Quatro Harwoods

A Wonderful Week

Its been a fantastic week of Spring Break. We’ve ditched the training wheels, caught waves, watched movies and elephants and built a lego empire in the living room. The best part though, is that we’ve done it all together. Of course there was that period of that one day when we’d gotten up at four in the morning, walked the street looking for a taxi, sat in the airport waiting on a flight, ridden in a car on bumpy roads for two and half hours after a one hour flight when I really just wanted to walk off into the woods, wait no, wanted to just be alone in our super plush room and sleep instead of listening to and trying to deal with the tired and grumpy kids, ok tired and grumpy me, but other than that one time, it was pretty good. (ok sure, there were a few other times, but this is life and i’d rather write about the good for posterity)


Mole National Park was beautiful and Zaina Lodge was amazing. To be able to sit and look in any direction and see nothing but green tree tops for as far as the eye could fathom was good for my soul. Just being in a quiet place watching the animals come and go from the watering holes in the valley below was pretty near perfect. An extremely close second to a hammock on a quiet beach. Once the sleep pattern returned, you could see it in the kids too. They relaxed and lit up at the same time as we spent time surrounded by nature. Even when the safari drives turned into long stretches without animals there was a certain peacefulness in their demeanours as they watched the trees go by. There was a moment when  both kids were hanging their heads out of the windows of the jeep, wind blowing in their hair, smiles plastered across their faces. Even now writing about it I just feel this perfect warmness inside.

The week was about adventure, being together and learning about ourselves as well.


Josie dropped the training wheels from her bike and I could literally see her confidence soar. Maddox took a pretty big tumble in the surf and it shook him. But as we sat on the beach and talked about it, I swear I could see him growing from the inside. He didn’t try to hide his fear, but accepted it and knew he needed to stop for the day.


Josie climbed to the top of the tower at the park, higher than she’d ever gone before (i’ll be honest, i had a hard time watching this one) and came down and said, “Trying new things is fun!” Maddox griped about going on the community excursion instead of another safari drive, but as we paddled down the river I heard him say, “This is really peaceful and beautiful.” As for me, I was reminded of that pull to spend time in the woods as well as the sea and the rejuvenating power of nature. And, I was reminded how strong love can be.

With the end of Spring Break, the school year is rapidly coming to a close. We’re less than two months from heading back across the ocean to see our family and friends. But its weeks like this one that keep me in the moment. That help me appreciate where we are and not wish the days away. I can honestly say, that I’m not counting the days to summer. My heart is here and now, with these three beautiful people that make any place my home.

One Love

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