Las Quatro Harwoods


I’m sitting in my empty office wrapping up the last few details of the school year. Ok, Maybe I’m just kind of hiding a little bit for some quiet time. Anyway, the school year is under wraps. The kids are home today and Robyn and I came to work just to get the last couple of check out signatures and get our plants out of our offices.

Its been another great year of adventures and learning and struggles. (in no particular order) We head for the States tomorrow night for the whirlwind that is summer and visiting family and friends. It is always an interesting time of year as we all are saying goodbye to friends, but looking forward to seeing family. It can be quite exhausting and sometimes a bit confusing emotionally. I could see it in the kids’ tired eyes last night. As excited as they were that it was summer time, they pretty much just crashed on the couch for a movie. I must admit, I did the same. In fact, I kind of passed out on the couch when we got home mid afternoon.

I can’t tell if this lifestyle is getting easier or harder. I’m certainly ready to drive on some roads with a little more order and a little less potholes, but I’ll also miss the entertainment at the traffic lights and the randomness of the tro tro slogans. There’s a list of places I’m excited to visit, beers to drink and trails to hike, but I’ll miss the morning walk into school and our Sunday surf trips to Kokrobite. Moving back and forth between worlds isn’t easy, there are a lot of give and takes, but I’m thankful for the chance to experience it.

So to my friends here at LCS that are moving on, may your next adventure be filled with goodness. To those who I’ll see again in August, safe travels and happy adventures. To my friends and family in the States, I can’t wait to see you and catch up. Oh, and please put an IPA in the fridge for me.

One Love


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