Las Quatro Harwoods

Rolling into Summer

Two weeks in and it seems like forever since we climbed on board that late night flight from Accra. We’ve had adventures in Elon and Asheville so far and Robyn is off to London.

The kids are excited to finally be snuggled into bed with their cousins. (ok, not excited about the in bed part, but the with their cousins part)

I actually had to pause and think about what we did that first week, but now I remember. It was full of appointments, the thrill of opening a pile of Amazon boxes, and loving some time with Grandma and Pops. Oh, and I spent a couple of days in Raleigh at an AppsEvents Summit.

Then it was off to Asheville. Ah, Asheville. What a week. We had a fantastic house  right next to the river. Each morning I got up, progressively later, and had a morning meditation on the porch with the sounds of the rushing river and singing birds. Coffee and breakfast outside with Sig and Robyn while the kids lazed about on their couch/bed getting their Disney channel fix. We got to spend a day with Poppa Geoff and Rhona and visits from old friends from our Greensboro days as well. I could have easily stayed the summer in that house.

Belalaluu Bealallaloooo (that’s the time warp sound effect)

So we’re three weeks in now, and the kids are jumping on the trampoline next door now and my belly is full of quiche. Actually, their bellies are too, so I’m glad I’m not on the trampoline with them.

I just got back last night from DC where I was working with a group on the World Virtual Schools project. Five guys in a room meeting for three days (actual guys, not the burgers) was an interesting experience, but a really cool one too. It was in the midst of the JOSTI conference so there were educators there from around the world. Its always fun to hang out and swap adventure stories and school reviews.

Robyn’s in London being awesome and facilitating a CTC course (sorry for acronym soup in this post) and we miss her like crazy, but life continues at top speed when you’re at Grandma’s house with your cousins and the neighbors have three kids in the playable with age range. I’m still amazed that these kids can go at 100 mph and 150 decibels all freakin day long. But they do and they pass out happy every night.

Robyn returns on Saturday (can’t wait) and the Harwood summer adventure turns south on Monday. Before that, we’ve got some laser tag to play and a movie in the park to go to. Can’t stop won’t stop.

One love.

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