Las Quatro Harwoods

Rolling Like the Tides Through Summer

I  feel like I should have a giant bag of ice on my shoulder right now. Maddox has once again found baseball and  I’m pretty sure I’ve thrown about eight complete games in the last five days. If he had his way it would have been at least forty. Thank God for the blistering Alabama sun in July giving me an excuse he couldn’t argue with.

Yes we’ve made it to another stop on the Harwood summer tour. Once we got the whole gang back together, (i stood in the charlotte airport waiting for robyn as her plane circled thanks to storms and was able to watch the entire us vs ghana game. i can’t wait to get back and talk trash) and made sure all our clothes were clean, we piled in the Prius and headed south. The fancy screen doesn’t work much anymore and there might only be a clean spot or two left on the upholstery but for about $25 we can drive for eight hours. I might have been delirious for two of them but the kids are underage and Robyn had a fever so I did just that and we made it to Sig’s without incident (except for my first undrinkable mocha from starbucks. i was shocked, desperately seeking a breath mint and forced to turn to sunflower seeds instead of caffeine)

After a lazy summer day of getting up late, reading books, sipping cold beers and aw who am I kidding. We spent the morning of the fourth watching Disney channel throwing the baseball a bit before the sun melted us and yelling at the kids who seemed to be hitting that mid summer slump which in turn meant hitting each other.

But we rallied and headed to a Peavy family pool party and cookout. After taking care of an all American meal (apple pie ya’ll) we made our way to the fireworks. They were loud and shiny but the brightest part of the night was watching Josie making friends while we waited. In less than thirty minutes she had at least six or eight new friends and even asked to go sit with one of them once the show started. Before the night was done she had been invited to somebody’s birthday party.

Last night we headed to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival performance of Mary Poppins. There was a bit of protest from our oldest as he was quite certain it was going to be absolutely boring and probably too childish. But once things were rolling they were both completely enamoured. There might of even been a bit of enthusiasm and a “Yes!!!” from him when Step in Time started. It’s pretty great to see the looks on their faces as they watch the magic of theatre.

Cue time warp. Only a one day flash forward this time.

We’ve made it to Panama City Beach and just about the whole crew is here. Still waiting on Jer to get here tomorrow. The kids are excited to see their other set of cousins and Robyn’s happy to be with her brother and sister. The water is warm the sun is shiny and the beer is cold. It’s good to be at the PCB.

One Love


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