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Summer Break Broken Hearts

The summer is tumbling toward a conclusion faster than it seems it should be. But isn’t that the way it always is?
We’re in Clifden tonight and excited to explore this area for a couple of days. The drive here was absolutely stunning. It felt like we had been dropped into Utah. Ok the mountains aren’t quite that big, but you get the idea. Lakes, pine trees, rocky mountains, beautiful. Tomorrow morning we’re scheduled to ride some horses and then we’ll see what the day brings.



We’ve had a run of beautiful sunshine filled days but not without glitches. The usual we’ve got two kids glitches that every parent out there knows about, but also one totally unexpected. We got a call from a very upset Tina yesterday that our sweet dog Hallie had passed away. Completely out of the blue and terrible news. It was a parenting test for sure. We had to scramble a plan for how to tell the kids.  We found out mid day as they were sitting in the middle of Lahinch eating ice cream. Robyn’s genius kicked in and she came up with a plan to break the news that ended up involving a box of rocks from the art lady being left with the guy in the surf shop for a few minutes. I’ll just leave that there.

img_6976.jpgTears were shed by the bucket full and it was a rough afternoon. Back home, Tina and David buried her under the mango tree in our yard and we each decorated a rock to take back and place on her grave.

The kicker for me was walking back to the inn holding Josie in my arms when she leaned back and said,”Daddy. You know that line in the song ‘all that comes here it comes her to pass’? I wish that wasn’t true.” My heart melted and the tears ran free. That kid…


Drowning our sorrows in a chip dinner

We spent some time sitting outside and talking about Hallie and her quirks. Then, thankfully, there were some kids around the inn where we were staying for the kids to play with in the evening and Robyn broke out a map for a round of “point your finger and that’s your Irish name” that led to some great giggles. So we’re on the mend.


It completely sucks that our quirky little dog is gone. She brought so much joy to our little family for the past year. We’ll miss her greeting us as turbo dog every time we came home then heading straight under the bed not to be bothered. Going for walks around the neighborhood and of course hours of getting her belly scratched will certainly be missed. But, if it was going to happen, this is probably one of the best ways for our little family. In the end it was much easier for us to tell the kids than a myriad of other possible scenarios that could have played out had we been home.

So, sorry for the downer post, but death is part of life and we’re living a good one. More on those good adventures coming soon.


Thinking it over


One Love

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