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Safari in Kenya

The sun has come and gone many times since I last Sat down to write about our adventures. I’ve finally found those few quiet moments somewhere north if Nairobi as we travel toward our next adventure. The kids are stirring a bit in the back but it’s mostly naps for the family right now as I gaze out the windows at the wide-open Kenyan countryside. Terraced gardens, charcoal and fruits by the side of the road along with the occasional lone cow.

We’ve been in Nairobi for the past six days at the AISA educators conference where I ran a two day meeting and then Robyn facilitated a three day workshop. All the while the kids binged on Disney channel made friends with the hotel staff and laid claim to the pool. it’s been a fantastic week of learning for all of us. The kids have found some new independence and bonded in their own way, while Robyn and I worked alongside educators from across the continent sharing our own learning and developing our skills.

Now it’s off for safari for a couple of days before we head home to Ghana.(we just passed the Disneyland gardens hotel) it’s pretty fantastic the opportunities that we are given with our jobs.

The kids woke up and counted animals for around an hour. They got up to 200 cows, chickens, goats, sheep etc before we finally convinced then they had counted enough. The scenery changed from lush green rolling hills to brown grasslands at the foot of the mountains. The long dormant train tracks followed the road for as far as we could see as the air cooled and the clouds rolled in.

My heart is full as I watch my kids take in the beauty of this place. The excitement of seeing a rhino at the watering hole as we arrived and exploring our tented home for the next few days.

Since I never got to post this when I finished, I figured I might as well just keep it going.  Our safari was amazing.  We saw 7 lions and a cheetah on our first morning out! I’ll just share some pics instead of going into detail about all the animals. The lodge was amazing too. I’m pretty sure we all put on a few pounds. Who knew there would be such delicious Indian food in Kenya! It was hard to leave the idyllic setting, the quite, the cool air, the new friends the kids made and the lack of responsibility. But we’re back in Accra and its good to be home. A lazy weekend is in order to recover from some jet lag and prep ourselves to get back in the swing of things.

Several times over the course of the past week, Maddox thanked me for having “these jobs”. He really soaked in the experience and I think is starting to understand why we get to have them. He even made some comments about the “catch” to this life as we said goodbye to the kids they had just met and played with over the last 24 hours. In the end, he said it was Ahmed, our driver and guide, that he felt he would miss the most. These kids and their big, growing hearts…


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One thought on “Safari in Kenya

  1. Alison Cowieson on said:

    …and I bet YOU know the names of all the animals you saw! Looks like you had a great time – the kids are growing up fast! And tell Robyn her haircut suits her..x

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