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Thanksgiving 2017

I figured since its Thanksgiving and I feel like I’ve had my grumpy pants on for awhile, it would be a good time to stop and write a little bit. Also, both of our available screens for Netflix are taken.

The kids got up and did some heavy breathing around us this morning before giving up and going ahead and dragging out all the Christmas decorations on their own. By the time I got downstairs, the tree was up and all the ornaments and lights were, no, not on the tree, we’ll call it thoughtfully displayed across the entirety of the living room floor.

The rest of the day has been a mix of struggling to put together two more bottom of the line fake trees, improvise a stand (bottom half of a guitar stand fits perfect) untangling lights, and various levels of engaged decorating. Oh and that 45 minutes that we thought they were just watching Rudolph on their own? Turns out Josie was inventing a snow machine and managed to cover the whole downstairs in tiny pieces beads of crushed styrofoam. The clean up is still in progress. We may even have to call in reinforcements.

We’re headed to the LCS Thanksgiving here in a bit, which is always nice. Its not quite the same as sitting at the table with the whole family, but for the life we live this is how it works and there’s something beautiful about it. A pot luck with all kinds of random goodness, laughter and friends from around the world. Seems kind of appropriate doesn’t it?

Speaking of friends from around the world. Las Harwoods will be on the move this June. We’ll be saying farewell to our home of the last 5 years and headed to Amman, Jordan to continue the adventure in a new country and a new school. There’s a buzz of excitement in the house as well as a dimly flashing warning light as the kids go through some emotional times and try to wrestle with the coming change. We had planned to make a move in the next year or two, but struggled with the choice throughout the first part of this year. We love this country and the friends and connections we’ve made, but as the year unfolded and this opportunity presented itself, we knew it was time to make the change.

So I’ll take a few lines to express my gratitude for the time we’ve spent here. When I look back at the pics of our first days here, I’m amazed. Our kids have grown and thrived here. They’ve developed into the most amazing little people with passports full of stamps, heads full of memories and hearts full of friends. So many people have helped us, laughed with us, or at us, welcomed us, enlightened us, overcharged us, been kind to us, and accepted us in this place. But I’m not going to get too mushy yet, because we’ve still got half a year before we’re going anywhere.

Looks like its time to rally for some fellowship and pumpkin pie. So I’m out.

One Love


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One thought on “Thanksgiving 2017

  1. Enjoy the next 6 months in Ghana and congratulations.

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