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Around the way and back again

Sitting back at my own kitchen table after a month of travels across two continents. I’m feeling pretty happy about it all even knowing that our family might have passed under the Akwaaba sign at the Accra airport for the last time. As we roll towards transition, I’m determined to keep myself in the present. But first, I want to recap the past. Here come some highlights.

Lusaka, Zambia

Just my boy and I headed off for an adventure together. Me for Cognitive Coaching at AIS Lusaka and Maddox to hang out with his buddy from our first years at LCS who lives there now. They had an amazing adventure and picked up right where they left off, somewhere between a nerf gun war and being silly. The workshop was some of the best PD I’ve had yet, and Maddox had a blast on a safari, completed the Big 5 and even managed to enjoy a day at school with his buddy.

Elon, NC

A two part visit. We had a great time with the grandparents celebrating Christmas, playing with neighbors and of course cahoots with the cousins. The kids spent lots of time in the park, outside in the yard, playing cards with grandma and pops and even a few trips to the kids museum and the science center. In the end we even got an evening in the snow! Oh, and Maddox got to go to his first college basketball game. It was a nail biter as Elon pulled out a victory in the last seconds!


Boone, NC

Just me and my lady snuck away for two whole nights. The only thing we asked for as a Christmas present was to leave the kids (welovethemwithallourheartsbutstillneedsometimeaway) for a couple of days to have some time on our own. We had an fantastic cabin just outside of town, on the creek, with a hot tub. Didn’t need much else. Well, except maybe some lighter fluid. Even a whole roll of toilet paper couldn’t spark the slightly damp wood for our campfire.

Ellijay, Georgia

Great time with the Simpson side of the family. The whole crew, all 14 of us piled into a big ol’ cabin and celebrated the holidays together. The littler kids spent almost all their time in the woods, hiking, building forts and stalking deer until it got way too cold. And the older kids? Well, they’re teenagers and we love them and they love their phones and they created some pretty awesome video chronicles of our trip! We had some great campfires, food, lots of laughter and maybe a few beers. Its always good to be with family.


Accra, Ghana

After over 24 hours of airplanes and airports we’re back in our own home for the last 6 months of our Ghana adventure. I have to admit, I had gotten quite comfortable with the ease of life in the States during our visit, and for the first time, had some reservations about our returns. My mind was looking a bit too far to the future I think.

But when I dragged myself into the car this morning for a much needed grocery run, I once again found that warm sense of home as I sat at the traffic light listening to the honking horns, the hawkers glancing into each window hoping for a sale and the sky shedding its mystical grey-orange cast of harmattan upon the whole city. I realized once again how much I’ve grown to love this country and how much I’ll miss this place, warts and all, when the time comes.

But that time isn’t here yet and school starts tomorrow so I reckon I’ll wrap this up and get some rest. There’s a whole semester full of adventures awaiting us here.

One Love

(so it took me a couple of days to actually get this posted. mostly because of the other joy of travel, jet lag. we’ve had a floor full of unsleeping kids in our room for the past two nights. i think i’ve had a total of about 8 hours sleep in the past 48 hours. i feel like as floppy as an old tire swing and i just hope that everything i said at work today didn’t sound like i was on shrooms)

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