Las Quatro Harwoods

Lonely ol nights

It’s been a busy start to the year. Hard to believe that we’ve already checked off January and February. We’ve got wiggly teeth, had a sprained wrist, placed second in a French/German singing competition, been officially accepted as new students at ACS Amman and suffered another old man ankle injury. The days just keep on coming and bring adventures and challenges with them.

I’m sitting in the Dakar airport right now feeling a bit rubbery from my 3:30am wake up to catch the shuttle for my 8 am flight. Ugh. I know right? That 8am flight didn’t happen. It’s currently 9:15 and there’s still no plane here for us. The fog did us in.

But there are new friends here to laugh with and the kindness of strangers made up for the lack of customer service from the airline. The tiny screws in my headphones came out and I wandered the airport for a bit (two stores) trying to find a tiny screwdriver to buy without success. But I took a shot and asked someone who asked someone else (all in French) who motioned for me to stay put, disappeared and returned with a tiny screwdriver. We then sat on the floor together, fixed my headphones, shared a fist bump and went on our way.

As the ‘short delay’ passed its 2nd hour I took another leap of faith into the goodness of people and wandered into the lounge, explained my situation and need to contact my family. I asked if there was any chance I could connect to the lounge’s wi-fi access as the fancy new airports network is there, but has no service. The kind folks at the desk exchanged some (French) words among themselves, looked over their shoulders and slipped me a piece of paper and a smile.

People are good.

I’m exhausted and hungry a wee but grumpy but also feeling grateful. I’ve had another chance to travel on this continent, share my passion with other educators, drink my morning coffee and an evening cocktail by the sea, make new friends, and connect with some old friends. waters may be choppy, but bits always there.

Next day…
So  I ended up spending the night in Lome. Delays led to cancelled flights and an unplanned adventure. It was frustrating and the lack of info from the airline was exceptional, luckily, I had the company of three good people to pass the time and frustration. After applying for temporary visas and waiting for immigration to copy everything by hand into a notebook (swear to goodness) we were shuttled to a hotel. At the end of my rope, expecting a lackluster rice meal, we sat down for dinner and were treated to a delicious Indian spread. Who would have thought? We shared dishes and laughter before dropping into our rooms exhausted. The walls were paper thin and the club next door was bumping. At least it was good music and I was tired enough that after a few chapters of my book, the vibrating walls rocked me to sleep.

We solved the worlds problems at breakfast and made it back to the airport. Now I’m finally seated on a plane and headed home. Hungry, probably slightly smelly in my recycled clothes but happy to be headed back for some hugs and family time.

(a few days later time warp as usual)

I’m now sitting in my own house with a belly full of breakfast, my girl playing computer games (educational i assure you), my boy at a friends house and my lady on the other side of the continent in Nairobi. I’m thankful for the professional opportunities we are taking advantage of, but the time apart sucks. I miss my best friend. We’ll make the best of it around here though, and we’ve got two days off from school while Mom’s gone for adventure, or at the very least to go get ice cream.

One Love

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