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Working on Goodbyes

I think I’ve been putting off writing, because it seemed like it would help slow down time. It didn’t work. We are just a few short weeks from our departure date and leaving this beautiful country. I have a feeling we’ll be back some day though. These kids have a too much kente woven into the fabric of their lives now to just walk away forever.

It hits me in waves. When things are busy its just another day, but when there’s time to think, it can be tough. I’m not doubting our decision to move on, but just working through the feelings of goodbyes. We’ve made one last visit to our favorite beach spot, gave Kwame one last hug, seen Tina get married, and had my BFF at work do the worst slide show ever as my farewell from school (it was awesome).  I might have even shed a tear or two as I watched the video my friends from LIFA made me.

I realized at some point today, that there were so many places and people we wouldn’t really get to say goodbye to and it made me a bit sad. Then I realized how many places I didn’t get to go and things I didn’t get around to doing over the last five year. But I also realized we could stay here five more years and I’d probably feel the same in those last days.

So I’ll just say, it has been beautiful. I’ve grown and learned more in the last five years than I ever could have imagined. Without a doubt I can easily say the same for the rest of my family. I look back at the pictures of the two tiny little critters we loaded on the plane and brought with us and I’m amazed at the beautiful kids they have turned out to be. The conversations we have, the views they are developing on the world and their place in it are amazing. I’m thankful for the impact this experience has had on us all.

We’ve got just a few weeks left. Two more surf sessions and three more pizza Fridays before the new adventures begin.

I’ll let this pile of pictures tell the story of the last few months. Too much to try to write about with all these feelings going on.

One Love

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One thought on “Working on Goodbyes

  1. This time of year is both sucky and exciting in almost equal measure! Enjoy the last few weeks and hope your summer is awesome. Here’s to the next adventure for you guys – look forward to following along…x

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