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Dear Ghana

Dear Ghana,

Tomorrow we will drag our suitcases to the airport, give a few last hugs to friends and begin the next chapter of our family adventure. The next time, and there will be a next time, we walk under the Akwaaba sign at your airport it will be as visitors, not as residents.

You’ve taught me many things over the 5 years that we have called you home. The first and biggest lesson was patience, and it has made me a better person. You helped me to open my eyes, to listen and learn. There is always something to be learned if we take the time to sit and talk with friends or strangers. Being still can be good and slowing down brings many unexpected opportunities.

You’ve taught me that problems are rarely as simple as they seem. You’ve helped me understand that some things are just difficult to understand and that’s ok. Struggles and inconvenience are an important part of growing and learning.

You’ve given me smiles from the most unlikely of places. Reminded me that people are good and friendly and that simple acts of kindness go a long way. You showed my children the joy of meeting and talking to new and different people. You gave us the chance to play and make friends on your beaches, open spaces and rough roads. We felt the warmth of kindness from so many of your beautiful people.

You showed me the importance of being an environmentalist by demonstrating to me what happens when we let convenience out weigh long term effects. Time in your oceans reminded me how connected to water I feel and that I need to do my part to protect it.

You’ve reminded me that love comes in many forms. I’ve fallen in love with my family all over again as I’ve watched us grow. I’ve developed a love for my friends and a love for a place that I didn’t know could exist.

You’ve helped me learn to dance like no one is looking, even when they all are. Because its fun and because it feels good.

While I may have grown older in years and my hair and beard may be a little more grey than when we arrived, my heart feels younger from the lessons you have given me. The fabric of my life is more colorful and I will feel the rhythms of this land in each of my footsteps as my journey continues.

Medase Pa Ghana

One Love

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