Las Quatro Harwoods


Starting this post sitting by a playground in Monterroso Al Mare. It’s a beautiful evening, perfect temperature, a full belly and I’ve had a delicious beer. Ok, maybe two. The kids are playing and that’s mostly good. They do struggle a bit from time to time you know. We’ve hiked, we swam in the cold water, jumped from the rocks, eaten more than our share of gelato and foccacia bread, gone to bed late and slept late. I think you could say we’re in full vacation mode.

Tomorrow we head back to Rome for Robyn to go to work. She’s leading a CTC workshop for four days and the kids and I will explore a bit of Rome.

It’s been a great adventure so far. There have been some bumps and squeals and arguing, but we’re exploring not only a new place but a new experience and new feelings. We’ve left behind our home of 5 years, all of our possessions are, hopefully, stored in a warehouse in Ghana except for a few suitcases which are stored, hopefully, at our hotel in Rome and we are a few months away from moving into our new home, that we have never seen, in a country we’ve never visited. So yeh, things are a bit weird right now. So if the kids, ok or me, are freaking out a bit from time to time and behaviors seem to be all over the charts, I reckon there’s a reason.

So as we’ve moved to another park and I’m watching the kids and Robyn play soccer with a random 3 year old (the whole scene is super cute) I’m a bit uncertain how I feel. But I’m thankful to be here and still excited about our future and still certain we’ve made the right choice. But it is a weird feeling and I think for while, that’s going to be the new normal.

One love

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