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Settling in at Home

And so it begins. One more flight and we’ll be in our new home. A place we’ve never visited. Completely new and unknown. Even the crowd at the flight gate is a different experience. It takes me back to those first flights to Ghana and the feeling of being a distinct minority. The language is different this time but the feeling is the same.

A slow start to this chapter as we’re still sitting in the Chicago airport. We’ve had a 2 hour delay already due to technical problems, but it doesn’t feel like anything is happening. I’ve got that feeling we’re going to be here a while. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Oh and we slept less than six hours last night too. It seemed Josie was a little more excited and worried than we anticipated. She read until almost 11:30 then just couldn’t get to sleep.

time warp to one week later

That 2 hour delay turned into a six hour delay and was not tons of fun. But we made the best of it. Lots of wandering the airport, some naps, some video watching and Josie and I put some bookends on our summer as we sat along the wall singing and playing the ukulele we bought in Florence. That seems like so long ago.

Now it is Sunday morning and I’m sitting on our porch drinking coffee. Our bags are all unpacked and our shipment is on our way. Its about eight thirty in the morning and I’m the only one awake. I think we have even pretty much whipped the jet lag. Thankfully we have this holiday (Eid Al-Adha)
week to make sure and to settle in and figure out where we are. Our first week was filled with new teacher orientation at school which meant trying to process tons of new information, getting fingerprinted, x-rayed, and blood drawn, driving in Amman tutorials and several fantastic meals out with our new friends and colleagues. We’ve managed to explore some of our neighborhood and even spent some time bonding with our landlord and his son (they live downstairs) that involved a ladder, a piece of bamboo and a discussion about Federer versus Nadal. (we got a tennis ball stuck in a tree)

And, now it’s Tuesday. I just can’t seem to string together enough time to complete this thing.

We made a trip to City Mall today which left me feeling like I wanted to just curl up in a ball for a little while. Malls aren’t my favorite anyway, but this one has what we had heard was a good grocery store so we figured we’d try it out. Turns out it is a four story mall with an over sized Walmart super center attached to it. Not my favorite excursion so far.

Thankfully, we also managed to make it to the fruit stand in our neighborhood yesterday and we’ve found a couple of little groceries in the area too. So, hopefully, the gianormous stores will be a less than regular occurrence. I’m willing to eat less if I can go to them less.

So life is good. We’re adjusting, enjoying our time together and figuring things out along the way. The people we’ve met have been kind and patient with us and the weather is absolutely fantastic. We’ve been going on the roof each night to watch the stars and look over the city. One night, Maddox said something along the lines of ‘This feels like home. But so does Grandmas, and the Asheville house, and PCB…’ I think that’s why they call them third culture kids. Nowhere and everywhere can feel like home. Just another reminder that its not where but who you’re with that really matters.

One Love

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