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Floating Along

Its been a little over two months since we settled into our new home and country. Kind of hard to believe we’ve been here that long. We’ve somewhat settled into a routine and found our way to all the essentials. My Google Maps app is full of pins of play-date locations and friends’ houses and I don’t even need it to get to the grocery store anymore.

We’ve even added a family member. Chale (it means friend in Twi) joined us about a month ago and minus a few chewed shoes, he’s been a fantastic new friend. He’s pretty chill, just lazing around most of the day, except for a weird burst of growling, rambunctious energy after our evening walks. Its pretty funny to see him get stirred up.

several weeks later

This is probably the fourth or fifth time I’ve sat down since we got here to try to write a bit, so at this point, I’m just going to summarize.

Made some friends thanks to Mom & Dad’s connections at Elon and saw some sites around town with them in our first weeks. We’ve visited Jerash (amazing), Ajloun castle (awesome) the Dead Sea (super cool). We’ve also found a climbing gym, a trampoline park, a skating rink, IKEA, good grocery stores, almost Escaped the Room, a barber shop and the route to walk to school.

Kids are doing great. Love their teachers and learning lots. They’re finding all kinds of cool stuff to do after school, art, science, fencing, soccer, guitar, change makers, sewing and just hanging around with friends on the playground.

Our jobs are good. We’re challenged and learning and figuring things out. We’ve made some fun new friends. Robyn is teaching yoga again after school and I found a new group to play soccer with on Monday nights. I even managed to become a water polo coach. Ok, assistant coach. Ok, its more like a club and I just help out, but its fun. (selfie with the awesome water polo headgear is imminent) Sleep comes easy at the end of most days.

I’m thankful that the weather is turning cold. Its been a long time since we’ve had the pleasure of a fall season and a cold winter.  Thanksgiving is on the horizon. We’re headed out to Wadi Rum with some new friends. Should be pretty excellent.

I think that will do for now. Check out some pics.

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One thought on “Floating Along

  1. Loving the photos – esp story time with Chale..too cute! Looks like you guys are enjoying your new home and settling in.

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