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Gone Gozo, Perusing Petra & a Kids Life

Its been a busy couple of months on the downhill side of our first year here in Amman and life is good. Here’s the quickish version of the last couple months

We decided to take advantage of the super cheap rates and jumped a RyanAir flight to Malta for spring break. It is no frills flying and kind of shocked our kids who have pretty much only flown major international flights. No screen, no snacks, not even a reclining seat had them shaking their heads and pondering life itself. But we made it without a hitch and had a fantastic week. We set up camp in a fantastic AirBnB on Gozo and set out on our adventures. We loved the ferry rides, little hikes, exploring the neighborhood, access to the Disney channel (just trying to be real, the kids were pumped) and a trip to Popeye Village. I cherish the opportunities to travel as a family and spend time in new places together.

School, school, school

Just a couple of weeks ago we made our first trip to Petra. Funny enough, we didn’t actually realize that was where we were going until the night before. We were invited to go on a hiking and camping trip with some friends and said sure. Ok, actually Robyn said sure and told me we were going. I was hesitant at first, especially since the details of the trip felt a lot like my mom explaining, or not explaining, what was in those casseroles she tried to get me to eat as a kid.  Turned out we were hiking and camping with over forty other people in an area just outside of Petra. We hiked more than 15 miles over the course of the 2 days and made some new friends, laughed, ached and explored an amazing place. The kids were surrounded with friends and donkeys which made for a magical weekend for them as well.

Finally, Maddox blew us away with his first major stage appearance in the elementary school musical, A Kid’s Life. He had been going to rehearsals for months and would practice the songs and his lines at home, mostly in his room, but we had no real idea what to expect. He kept pretty quiet about it all. You know how it goes:

Me: How was rehearsal?

Him: Good

Me: Are you excited about it? Do you feel like you’re ready for the show?

Him: Yeh. I’m going to shoot hoops.

Sigh. Turns out he was, both excited and ready, in his own ways. I couldn’t be more proud of him for putting himself out there and taking a chance. Singing and dancing in front of an audience was not something I had figured this kid would want to do. But he did, and he did it well. He’s non committal about if there is another show in his future, but I hope there is. Oh, and the show was on Robyn’s birthday so he totally trumped any gift I could have thought of to give her. She was definitely a bit misty over it all. Ok, I was too.

Speaking of musicals, the kids are both learning piano so we purchased an electric piano from a departing family. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it is some of the best spent money ever. Both of them play at least a little bit every single day. Josie is taking lessons after school and Maddox is learning in music class, but he comes home and learns songs off of websites. Its pretty awesome. I love how much they love music, even if it includes having to listen to the recorder sometimes too.

I reckon that about catches us up. We’re headed into the final month of school which, thanks to Ramadan, will feature school days that run from 9-3 for the remainder of the year. Pretty awesome. Looking forward to seeing family in less than a month now and all the adventures that summer brings!

One Love

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