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Summertime Phase One Complete

I just dropped Josie off at her last day of camp. As became our routine over the week, we spent a few minutes naming the horses hanging out in the pasture before she headed off to find her friends. Maddox wrapped up basketball camp yesterday with a tournament that we were invited to watch. A little miscommunication and awkward planning meant we only got to see one game, but it was fun to see him play.

Right now he’s in the kitchen with Grandma working on a tomato sandwich for breakfast. It would seem they have different ideas of what makes it tasty, but they’re getting it sorted and having fun. Sounds like it has turned into a BLT and hot chocolate breakfast. I’m just working on my second cup of coffee.

The kids have had a great summer so far spending a little time with their cousins, a lot of time with the neighbors, camps, watching the Women’s World Cup on the television, eating as many blue berries, strawberries and cherries as they can, sneaking popsicles and ice cream sandwiches throughout the day, talking to Alexa and, of course, enjoying being around their grandparents.

As I think back to the start of summer, it didn’t feel like the smoothest of transitions. It was a long flight to Chicago, where unlike Malta where they greeted us with cake pops, everyone seemed to be yelling at us to move to the next line, get on the bus, move to the back, make some space, take off your shoes, get you stuff and on and on. Ugh. I can’t say the Chicago airport is my favorite place. Bright side, we did get to hang out with our friend Steve that we randomly stumbled upon for a bit while we ate a ridiculously expensive lunch or dinner or whatever it was in the time-warp of transcontinental travel.

But, we settled in to summer, and then Robyn and I escaped to our happy place, Asheville for a couple nights in a yurt in the woods. Well, it was supposed to be three nights, but somehow my personal assistant seemed to have mistakenly entered the dates on my personal calendar and we were two days late for our reservation. After a slightly confusing conversation with the renter guy, we sorted that we could still stay two nights and then used our fancy points to get a hotel downtown for the last night. Turned out to be a happy accident and I eventually got over my mistake, I mean, my personal assistant’s mistake. A couple of nights in the quiet of the yurt, grilling some tasty veggie meats, and being lazy with the one you love can do wonders.

Then of course, the opportunity to wander downtown Asheville for an evening without worrying about parking or a drive home was pretty awesome too. I’m not usually super excited about staying in hotels, but sometimes you just can’t beat the location. Asheville didn’t disappoint either. We had a great night starting at Top of the Monk then heading off for amazing Indian street food. Oh, and our breakfast on the patio included a serenade from perhaps the worst busker ever. As we say in the South, bless his heart. He sang with gusto, and without tone. The final straw that got us up from the table and moving was a stirring rendition of Silent Night. I’ve got my limits.

I’m thankful that we make time for these little getaways each year. It can be hard to just carve out a couple hours here and there for a date during the school year and these little mini vacations are a great chance to be just a couple instead of parents. Already looking forward to next year. Hard to believe it will be our 15th anniversary. Who knows, maybe we’ll do something fancy…

A little later today, we’ll load the car and head into phase two of our summer as we hit the highway and head south to Florida. Along the way we’ll stop for lunch with our old friend Julie (disclaimer: i’m not calling her old, just have known her for a long time, i have no idea how old she really is, wink wink) who helped us start this whole international adventure. Looking forward to catching up with her and talking about old times.

Tomorrow we’ll be in a tiny house by the beach full of family and dip our toes in the Gulf. Life is good.

One Love


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