Las Quatro Harwoods

The adventure continues

When we last left our heroes, they were headed into uncharted territory in Eastern Europe. Saying goodbye to family and friends after another summer of adventure and wondering if they would ever return to their Grandparents’ house as they were pondering a move.

We now join them neck deep in a new school year. Exhausted from the busy schedule of after school activities, rock bands, play rehearsals and well, school. Yet our heroes remain steadfast. Smiling in the taunting face of adversity (also known as adolescence) and going to bed early most nights because they are utterly whooped.

That’s all I got for that little jaunt into a different genre. Here’s what’s been going down.

We had an awesome adventure in Croatia. It seems like eons ago. There were beautiful beaches, a fantastic AirBnB, border crossings, ridiculously skinny and winding roads and even a terrifyingly rocking pirate ship dinner.

We returned early to Amman to be reunited with our four legged friend Chale and enjoyed a couple of easy weeks of settling back into our home. Super excited to have four of our friends from Ghana joining us here this year. Crazy how small this international teaching world is.

Speaking of home, we bought a house. Not in Amman, but in the other city that starts with an A that we love, Asheville. That’s right. We’re on the road to retiring as hipsters or at least pretending to be so in the summer. We’re pretty pumped to have our own space in the summer and a place where the kids can feel like they have some roots. We’re also pretty pumped that as of today, we’ve rented it for the school year so it will be occupied until we’re ready for summer.

Oh, and we rescued a kitten. We have temporarily given him a home on our roof and therefore christened him Roofus.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m tired and pics are worth more words anyway.

One love.

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